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The dimensions of the box are as follows:

Height: 45 cm, width: 39 cm, depth: 34 cm
There are up to 12 fields in the box.
The required facilities can be found in the following list

Information on volume data can be found here:

Our package has space for 12 bottles

1 place = normal bottle
2 places = 3L BIB (bag in a box) and wide bottles
(Bottles that need 2 openings, such as straw rum 80% 100cl)
3 places = 5 l bag in a box
4 places = tiles with 24x33cl boxes
6 places = tiles with 24x50cl cans
12 places = 3 liter bottles and other large bottles that need to be packed separately due to their size

Weight information and required box spaces can also be found in your shopping cart and confirmation message


The number of packages required depends on the space and not the weight!